Why you should join us

This could be very good election year for progressive Democrats in New York State. Together, we can take back the New York State Senate from the Republicans and turn the U.S. Congress blue by flipping six Republican Congressional seats from Staten Island to Syracuse, Hudson Valley to Long Island.

As you know, it all comes down to turning out progressive voters for progressive candidates. And that’s the goal of the Blue Wave Festival, a two-day volunteer fair in early September, which will bring together all of the progressive campaigns in the New York area that need our help.

New York should already be a national leader in progressive legislation. But we have the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) — a group of 8 NY State Senators who were elected as Democrats, but formed a coalition with Republicans, blocking progressive legislation in NY. That will change if we get our voters to the polls on primary and election day.

And that’s why we’re hoping you’ll join us at the Blue Wave Festival in early September in New York City.

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