Partner with us

There are lots of ways to get your organization involved in the Blue Wave Festival.


Organizing Support


• Organize a table for a volunteer effort
• Run our event check-in table using your digital tools, so everyone who passes through the door is entered into your GOTV system for The Last Weekend
• Provide embed script to use your digital tool on our website
• Run a canvassing training at the event
• Provide staff support in organizing efforts
• Be a fiscal conduit for donations for The Blue Wave Festival operating costs and donations to candidates


Outreach Support


• Send invitations out to NYC and/or NYS lists
• Share on social media (national Twitter, national or targeted Facebook ads & events)
• Help by promoting to local media


• Connect us to food vendors or other in-kind donations
• Connect us to funders who could support our effort
• Connect us to NY swing districts that facilitate volunteers to do GOTV out of NYC


Financial Support

$1000 Pledge

• Helps to support costs on day of the event

$5000+ Pledge

• Will support an organizer and designer full time to help expand the project

$10,000+ Pledge

• Will support the creation of a franchise packet to help other people plan a similar festival in their area to GOTV for the midterms
• Will support planned and paid for GOTV trips so volunteers can plug in directly


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