Our story

Led by members of the community, we can exponentially grow our impact on the midterm elections through partnerships with local, state and national organizations.


Who we are

In 2016, a grassroots team organized a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Fair for the Presidential Election and galvanized hundreds of New Yorkers to canvass door-to-door in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Virginia. This surge led to continual organizing, with our alumni going on to found a number of community groups.


Why this is important

Together, we can take back the New York State Senate from the Republicans and turn the U.S. Congress blue by flipping six Republican Congressional seats from Staten Island to Syracuse, Hudson Valley to Long Island.

How we can succeed

There are many ways to help. Attend the festival with your friends and family, find out how your organization can partner with us, or donate to the Festival.