Sept. 6th 6-9pm
LGBTQ Center
208 W.13th St. NY, NY 10011

Sept. 8th 1-4pm
Irondale Center,
(Ft Greene)
85 South Oxford Street Brooklyn, NY 11217



The Blue Wave Festival is a one-stop shop for NYC progressives looking to volunteer in this year’s crucial local and statewide races. This two-day event in Brooklyn and Manhattan will galvanize progressives and connect them directly to campaigns that need our help. Together, on September 13th and November 6th, we can turn the New York State Senate and US Congress blue.

The festival’s environment will be, well, festive. We will encourage friends and family to get involved together and create communal plans (which increases the likelihood that they’ll follow through). There will be music, food and lots of opportunities to socialize. We encourage folks to bring the kids, so we can inspire a whole new generation of progressives.




We have some big goals for this two-day event and social media outreach.

With your help, we plan to:

dark blue.jpg

Mobilize 500 to 1000 people to sign up for Get

Out The Vote action opportunities, connecting

them directly with candidates & organizations

in the city and swing districts throughout the


dark blue.jpg


Register volunteers for GOTV trips that we

 are organizing to NY-1, NY-2 NY-11, NY-19, NY-22, NY-24, NJ-7, NJ-11

 during October and for The Last Weekend of


dark blue.jpg

Get New Yorkers with second homes in NY-19 

to switch their voter registration to vote in the 

November election

dark blue.jpg

Train visitors to galvanize their own

 communities to join GOTV trips organized by

 the Blue Wave Festival, our partners and the


dark blue.jpg

Collect car share and housing / hosting





from attendees to facilitate GOTV

 efforts outside of NYC

dark blue.jpg

Plug volunteers into immediate GOTV efforts


in support of IDC challengers on September 9th-13th, which Creative Resistance

and our coalition partners are organizing in all 

five boroughs of NYC


Target Audience


Progressives who want to learn more about NY candidates & turn the Blue Wave into a TSUNAMI

New Yorkers who vote in presidential elections but rarely show up for the midterms

First-time voters, undecided voters, new Americans, college students, retirees, African-American & Latinx communities, working families & marginalized communities


New Yorkers who refuse to stand for the status quo, nor the dire state of policy, corruption & inaction on the local, state & federal stages


Anyone who doesn’t want to wake up November 7 and say: “I could have done more”



The Races

Here’s who we’re supporting


NY State Senate

  • Jessica Ramos Queens State Senate District 13
  • Zellnor Myrie Brooklyn State Senate District 20
  • Robert Jackson Manhattan State Senate District 31
  • Alessandra Biaggi Bronx & Westchester State Senate District 34
  • John Liu Queens State Senate District 11
  • Jasi Robinson Staten Island and Brooklyn State Senate District 23

  • Julie Goldberg Rockland State Senate District 38

  • Rachel May Syracuse State Senate District 53

  • Pat Strong Hudson Valley NY State Senate District 46

  • Karen Smythe Hudson Valley State Senate District 41


  • Antonio Delgado Hudson Valley and Catskills NY-19
  • Max Rose Staten Island and Brooklyn NY-11

  • Liuba Grechen Shirley Long Island Suffolk County NY-01

  • Perry Gershon Long Island Nassau and Suffolk County NY-02

  • Anthony Brindisi Utica / Binghamton NY-22

  • Dana Balter Syracuse NY-24

  • Tom Malinowski New Jersey NJ-07

  • Mikie Sherrill New Jersey NY-11



The Festival

This event will mix serious politics with serious fun. Here’s what we have planned:

Candidate tables  •  Second home voter registration  •  Car share & hosting facilitation  •  Voter registration & voter registration training  •  Join pre-planned GOTV trips  •  Postcard writing and other creative GOTV efforts  •  Legal observation training & know your rights. Election related crafting for kids and adults  •  DJ  •  Food





Partnership Opportunities

We invite your organization to partner with us on the Blue Wave Festival. There are lots of ways to get involved.


Organizing support:

• Provide space to hold The Blue Wave Festival in Manhattan and Brooklyn

• Organize a table for a volunteer effort

• Run our event check-in table using your digital tools, so everyone who passes through the door is entered into your GOTV system for The Last Weekend

• Provide embed script to use your digital tool on our website

• Run a canvassing training at the event

• Provide staff support in organizing efforts

• Be a fiscal conduit for donations for The Blue Wave Festival operating costs and donations to candidates

Outreach support:

• Send invitations out to NYC and/or NYS lists

• Share on social media (national Twitter, national Facebook or targeted Facebook ads & events)

• Help with earned media by promoting to local media through your PR team

• Invite big names to attend and share with their lists

• Connect us to food vendors or other in-kind donations

• Connect us to funders who could support our effort

• Connect us to cars and homes in NY swing districts that facilitate volunteers to do GOTV out of NYC

Financial support:

$1000 Pledge

• Helps to support costs on day of the event

$5000+ Pledge

• Will support an organizer and designer full time to help expand the project

$10,000+ Pledge

• Will support the creation of a franchise packet to help other people plan a similar festival in their area to GOTV for the midterms

• Will support planned and paid for GOTV trips so volunteers can plug in directly



Why you should join us

This could be very good election year for progressive Democrats in New York State. Together, we can take back the New York State Senate from the Republicans and turn the U.S. Congress blue by flipping six Republican Congressional seats from Staten Island to Syracuse, Hudson Valley to Long Island.

As you know, it all comes down to turning out progressive voters for progressive candidates. And that’s the goal of the Blue Wave Festival, a two-day volunteer fair in early September, which will bring together all of the progressive campaigns in the New York area that need our help.

New York should already be a national leader in progressive legislation. But we have the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) — a group of 8 NY State Senators who were elected as Democrats, but formed a coalition with Republicans, blocking progressive legislation in NY. That will change if we get our voters to the polls on primary and election day.

And that’s why we’re hoping you’ll join us at the Blue Wave Festival in early September in New York City.


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